After installing the application ALL4geo you can run the application without authorization and immediately start using it. Authorization is not required, as during the installation process a login and password were automatically assigned to you in settings.

After the first run you’ll see a map on the screen of your mobile phone, where your location will be marked by a “man” icon.
If you press the menu button, you'll see a list:

MAP (you are here)
HELP (?)
You can change data in all setting fields, except the login and password assigned to you automatically when you installed the application. To find your password and complete the registration process, you must provide your e-mail address in the e-mail field. After that, you will receive your login and password by e-mail, which you can also use to access the site (the alternative access to the ALL4GEO service)
Other fields:
User name – this is the name that will be assigned to your icon on the map, this name will be on the list of users and anywhere you need to specify your user name. For convenience, choose a shorter name, but if you do not specify any, your icon will be signed by the login.

Phone number – having indicated your phone number you can use it instead of login. Providing a telephone number and a user name simplifies the process of finding you for your friends.

Tracking interval - Please note that setting a short interval quickly reduces battery power, and a long range does not adequately represent your location. We therefore recommend:
while driving motor vehicles - 3 min.
with pedestrian movement - 10 min.
When you install All4geo on your mobile phone a group will automatically be created for you – “my group” - in which you are the administrator. Initially on the list you'll see “my group” in which you will be the only participant.
How to manage groups?
You can create an unlimited number of groups in which you will be the administrator.

As an administrator you can:
— remove any member from the group
— appoint any member of the group as administrator
— remove the group.
If a user wants to invite you to their group they will send an invitation to join, which you can accept or refuse.
If you would like to invite an existing user of the service to your group, first you must find them by
To find the desired user, you can use the search box by typing what you know - the name, group name, telephone number, e-mail, etc. You can also view a list of users closest to you, in order of increasing distance from you. In the end, if you find the right user - click on them to see more of their data. In the profiles, together with their data you will see the button - to invite.
If they are not a user of the service, invite them by selecting - INVITE TO ALL4GEO.
On this page, you can send and receive messages from users of the service. Messages are not SMS, and are transmitted via GPRS Internet.

To send a message to a user you have already been in contact with, you need to find the user in your contact list and click on them to go to the page where the correspondence is and send a message.

If the user had no correspondence with you, but you are both members of at least one group, then use the button - write a message.

If you want to send a message to a user who is not a member of any of your groups, you need to go to the search page. Find it, then start to write them a message.
On this page you can ask our technical support for help.
Once you have created new groups, invited users to them and/or yourself become a member of other groups, you can see members of all these groups on the map, as well as being seen by them.
Participants of different groups in which you are a member don’t see members of other groups, but you will see them. If you don’t want to see a group on the MAP, uncheck the "visibility" opposite this group on the list of groups.
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