For family members and friends

There’s nothing more important than your family or people close to you. However, you can’t be with them every minute and keep an eye on them constantly.

For example, your child is late home from school or is out with friends and doesn’t answer your calls. With ALL4GEO free service you won’t have to listen to a repetitive dial tone on your cell phone or frantically ring round friends and classmates.

Just give your boy or girl a tracker or a cell phone that is connected to ALL4GEO free service and you’ll see their location on the screen of your phone or computer any moment you choose.

For pet owners

Most pet owners know that pets do sometimes get lost. You may spend hours running around the district in hope of finding your dog. ALL4GEO free service is an easy solution to this problem. Once you’ve attached a tracker device to the collar of the pet, you’ll never need to worry because its whereabouts will be right there on the screen of your cell phone or PC at all times!

For vehicle owners

Even the most modern alarm systems can’t protect your vehicle from theft. In the event of your car being stolen every minute is critical. To prevent theft or to help the police find it, simply set a tiny tracker device somewhere in the car. You can then use our ALL4GEO free service to detect the location of the car on the map. Wherever your car is - parked near the house, in the service station, or simply lent to somebody else - you feel relaxed because you can always check its location on your cell phone or PC!

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