For communication

Free service ALL4GEO can enrich your communication with family, friends, colleagues and new acquaintances.

If you and your friends use the service ALL4GEO, you can always see where your friends gather, as well as they can see where you are. You just need to look at the map in ALL4GEO application on your mobile phone or computer display.

About groups

To make our ALL4GEO service safe and private we have organized it in group mode.

Each group has an administrator who creates the group as well as adds and deletes members from it. Any person can withdraw from the group or ask about joining a group he or she is interested in. If you are a member of 2 different groups, you will see the members of both groups, but the members of one group will not see the members of the other.

ALL4GEO service users can exchange text messages, sending them either personally to each other or directly to all members of their group. Unlike paid SMS services, these messages are totally free of charge.

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